Website Dark Mode Implemented

February 18th, 2021

Following our website release, we had a lot of positive feedback and thoughts from the community. A large proportion of the community wanted a night or dark mode feature implemented on the website due to night time computer usage and it’s impact on eye strain. We understand that a majority of users spend their evenings reading and performing due diligence on their investments. To accommodate, night mode has been introduced.

The feature can be toggled by a button located at the top right corner of the homepage.

The Axia Protocol homepage with the night mode feature activated.

We encourage those who are exposed to a high level of screen time at night or low light conditions to utilize this feature to prevent eye strain. In addition to night mode, we encourage the utilization of software that adjusts your screen settings and light conditions based on the time of day, such as f.lux which you can find here. This software reduces your blue light exposure in low light and or night conditions. Blue light is proven to suppress melatonin secretion at night which is critical for a timely and good quality sleep.

Night mode is a welcomed feature that we plan to roll out onto our upcoming dApp which is currently in it’s final stages of design. This naturally has resulted in a slight delay however the team is hard at work to keep the updates rolling so we can deliver them to you ASAP without compromising on quality.

We hope you share our excitement in taking a step closer to becoming a more user friendly and easy to use cryptocurrency investment protocol.



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