Website and dApp Fixes

1. Max Button Fix

Staking card for the Oracle pool on the Ethereum network is pictured above.

2. Mobile Nav Bar Fix

Mobile navigation bar utilizing icons allowing easier access to features

3. Chart Fix and Live Data

We’re really excited for this fix as this was a significant hurdle and we felt that inaccurate pricing data negatively affected the functionality and feel of our dApp.

Accurate and real time charting data, displaying correctly for Days, Weeks and Months

4. Notifications and Warnings Card

Notification card on the dApp displaying eligibility clauses

5. Zap and Invest Re-activation

The zap or invest functionality will be restored in the next week. Unfortunately due to front running bots and slippage, the zap feature is best used for small quantities or several transactions with low values to avoid overpaying for tokens. This feature will allow users to easily obtain pool tokens (AFTs) with one transaction. A disclaimer will be above the invest feature to remind users that only small quantities should be used with the feature.

Next Steps

Polishing and refining the dApp was essential to moving forward as we felt that we needed to put our best foot forward prior to the release of new products, marketing and collaborations.



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