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Axia Protocol
2 min readApr 30, 2021


April 30th, 2021

Today the Axia team is proud to deliver website 3.0. Another website update? Why yes! We felt that we could deliver a far more professional and appeasing website to reflect our goals and values than our 2.0 website that will give us a solid springboard and act as our 24/7 marketer for our dApp.

Photo 1: Website 3.0 preview

With hardwork from W|Tokenova and the Axia team — our website is more professional, tidier, and responsive. Feel free to check it out here!

Our initial thought process was to release all updates at once however upon further assessment we’ve decided it would be better to release as we go and deliver a steady stream of updates rather than maintain continued silence as the team works in the background. The reasoning for this is to reassure investors that the team is hard at work and that deliverables are being met, ultimately protecting and achieving better returns for our investors.

Our new website includes a new section — meet the team, where you can find more details about your team members working along side you on Axia. In addition - our terms and conditions, privacy policies have been updates and are posted on our own servers.

Our FAQ section and contact us will be accessible in a week as we complete this on a third party management and knowledgebase platform.

We also plan to include a roadmap under the developer section over the coming days. The roadmap is not all inclusive and will be flexible. This roadmap will provide a broad outline of what to expect over the coming quarters.

Axia Protocol Quarterly Roadmap (Q1 complete)

Please enjoy the new website, share your feedback, and prepare for the steady stream of updates that are to follow.

Upcoming news stream:
- Roadmap delivery
- Investor and customer support portal delivery
- dApp delivery
- New pools
- Zap v2 implementation
- Oracle pool fix (TRB migration)
- Fiat on-ramp
- Matic bridging
- Matic build and earn application

As a special something for making it this far through the medium article — there is a dApp tease at the end of this article for our serious and investigative Axia members.

Day mode of the new dApp in action

We hope you have enjoyed this update. Your team will continue working hard in the background as we knock out and deliver on each of the upcoming news flows!