Matic Bridging

Axia Protocol
Apr 30, 2021


March 22nd, 2021 (Retrospective)

Today marks a historic day for Axia. The community has spoken… with 61% of votes on twitter, and a very close 134 vs 132 votes on the telegram channel to Matic, we’re pleased to announce that Matic (Polygon) is the selected network Axia will bridge onto.

Photo 1: The telegram poll

Special thanks to the community for taking part — it was wonderful to see all the constructive discussions within the community over the past week. Today you have all contributed to Axias history and way forward!

Photo 2: The twitter poll for the Matic vs BSC bridge

You can find the polls here over at:
Telegram poll
Twitter poll

N.B. This does not rule out BSC, and it may be implemented in the future — however is now lower on our priority list compared to our other releases.