Axia Website Update

February 3rd, 2021

Today saw the release of the new Axia Protocol ($AXIAV3) website which you can find at The new website brings a refreshed look that makes it easier for investors to find what they’re looking for, while portraying the core values we ascribe to Axia as an accessible, secure and dynamic protocol.

Axia Website Update 2.0

Agile — Smart — Effective

Our aim is for Axia to be the very first port of call for people who are deciding to make investments in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space.

The website has been designed with user experience front and centre: we will be including in the near future an option to view the website in dark view mode. The website delivers an impression of competence and efficiency, while creating a sense of ease for investors who will be entering the cryptocurrency and digital asset space.

Over the next few days, small tweaks and additional features will be added to the website including dark mode, FAQ and support sections. Continual updates will be implemented, as required, so that the website delivers an optimum experience across all modern browsers and devices.




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Axia Protocol

Axia Protocol

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