AXIA Protocol — Relaunch Complete! Why AXIA-V2?

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Staking on V2

I understand we didn’t make an article detailing what happened with the project and why we had to relaunch.
Long story short, what happened was that there was a honest mistake while the developer in charge of setting up the dapp for launch (out of all the adrenaline rush and excitement that filled the launch period) configured the Swap Fund pool to pay out daily rewards in Swap AFTs that were staked within the pool instead of AXIA tokens. This mis-configuration made it possible for some users (not necessarily hackers) to claim dividends in AFTs (staked by other users) from the pool . Those AFTs were then used to remove liquidity from the AXIA/ETH pool on Uniswap. Shortly after the error came to light, we held a private meeting with some core supporters of the project and decided that a relaunch would be the best option in order to remedy the situation. We swung into action immediately and paused staking on all the pools and halted the daily emissions. …

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Axia Staking Dapp UI

This article is a brief tutorial detailing the processes involved in adding liquidity to Axia Pools on Balancer and Uniswap. The Axia Protocol is a decentralized platform, hence users are free to add liquidity to our pools, mint Axia Fund Tokens — AFTs (BPTs and UNI-V2) and stake them on our dapp to earn Axia Tokens from the daily emissions.

Pool Weights

The Swap Fund Pool

This refers to the AXIAv3/ETH pool on Uniswap. Here, AXIA and ETH have equal weighting (50:50).

To Add Liquidity to the Swap Fund Pool:

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i) Be sure that you have both AXIAv3 tokens and ETH in your wallet
ii) Click here to go to the pool on Uniswap.
iii) With your wallet connected, enter the amount of ETH you intend to add liquidity with, the amount of AXIAv3 tokens you need to complete the process will be automatically calculated and entered.
iv) Approve your AXIAv3 tokens for pooling.
v) Click on ‘Supply’ and submit the transaction that pops up to complete the process.
Once the ‘Add Liquidity’ transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, Swap AFTs (UNI-V2 tokens) will be immediately minted to your wallet. Proceed to stake them on the Swap Fund pool to earn from AXIA’s daily emissions.
NB: 45% of the daily emitted AXIA tokens are shared by the stakers in the Swap Fund pool on the dapp. …

Introducing AXIA Protocol, the DeFi platform for Crypto Investors and Yield Farmers!

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The Axia Protocol is a platform on which cryptocurrency enthusiasts/investors can put their funds to use and reap massive rewards for doing so. The protocol presents the opportunity for investors to pool funds in two major and trending niches within the blockchain ecosystem (not only at the moment but also has a lot of growth potential in the future) — Oracles and DeFi! The concept stems from the idea that investors can be saved a lot of time and energy searching for tokens to invest in for a portfolio. …

Axia Protocol

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